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Junior Staff

Former campers aged 17-18 who have completed their Journey Year (or who previously completed LIT 1 in 2022) are eligible to apply for a Junior Staff position at Camp. Junior Staff members attend one-week sessions at Camp where they will gain personal and professional skills through immersive experiences that will help prepare them for whatever their future holds, whether at Camp or beyond. Participants will learn firsthand through summer counselor mentorship how the magic of Camp is created, while also becoming the Magic creators themselves. Participants will receive a stipend and transportation costs to and from Camp will be covered.

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Participant Story

I look normal, and I try to feel normal but I'm different. And I accepted that NOW and that's because of Camp. I have more confidence in myself; I accepted regular Candice and Candice with sickle cell. I think positive and I’m grateful for the life I have. During my years as a camper I met people just like me, people who KNOW me and what I go through medically. It was so beautiful. It was my home, a planet, a separate country because for a week every year I was surrounded by people like me and we didn't have to worry about a thing but enjoy our lives as if we didn't have a chronic illness. This past summer, I met people who will be in my life forever. Madison, a girl from a small town In Massachusetts who was a stranger to me but from living with her for 2 weeks she is now one of my best friends. Or even Mani and Alicia, two 16-year-old girls who look to me as their big sister and that’s not just because of our common diagnosis but because the love is genuine and I've been where they’ve been.

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Junior staff will receive a stipend for their participation in the program.

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