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Become a Bandit Quilter

You can help give our campers the warm welcome they deserve by becoming a Bandit Quilter and ensuring our beloved tradition of gifting every camper with a quilt continues!

Every summer our campers are welcomed into their cabin with the gift of a small quilt and pillowcase to take home with them. These gifts are not only beautiful but are also especially meaningful as they are handmade with love by our Bandit Quilters. Bandits include individual quilters, youth groups, senior centers and other specialized quilting groups. And we are always on the lookout for new groups and individuals to join this Gang! 

How can you get involved?

  • Mail your quality homemade quilts and pillowcases to:
    Hole in the Wall Gang
    565 Ashford Center Road
    Ashford, CT 06278
    Please include a note inside that has your name or group name, email, and mailing address, and how many individuals are in your group
  • Contact Lisa Kerr, family and parents program coordinator, and set up a time to drop off your quilts in person. In the off season, we offer tours to our Bandits!

As a Bandit Quilter, you provide Camp magic with cozy nights and a Hole in the Wall memento our campers will treasure. 

*Please read our quilt guidelines carefully before you send a donation

Quilt Guidelines:

  • Quilts can vary in size (just like our campers!) but they should be no larger than a twin size mattress.
  • Any thickness of batting is acceptable.
  • Pillowcases are for standard-size pillows.
  • All donations should be made with new fabric. Fabric from old clothing and T-shirts is unacceptable due to immunity issues of some of our campers.
  • Machine sewn quilts are preferred, as they tolerate washing better, but are not required.
  • All donations should be homemade.
  • All donations should be in new condition.
  • All donations should be free of allergens such as pet hair, mildew and smoke.

We also accept knitted or crocheted afghans and handmade fleece blankets that meet the same guidelines as the quilts.

Is your group interested in learning more about being Bandit Quilters? Contact Lisa and set up a time for us to visit your group and chat in person!