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Virtual Bandit Round Up

We are so grateful to have you as part of our Hole in the Wall community. The healing and magic of Camp would not be possible with you!

Illustrated map of the Connecticut location

Take a tour of Camp to see all the ways we bring "a different kind of healing" to children and families at our location in Ashford, Conn.

Paper campfire logs sit under a tea-light covered with orange and yellow tissue paper with a cotton ball marshmallow

"Raise a little hell" - Creative Complex style! Gather your supplies and join us in some arts & crafts fun.

Welcome to Camp Kitchen

You may not have had a chance to taste Chef Dan's cooking in person but there's no reason to miss out on tasty Camp treats! Try out these Hole in the Wall favorites in your own kitchen.

Blueberry Mug Muffins
Mango Tango Slushy Punch


Let us say "Thank You" with a special gift

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Thank you for stopping by!

For campers to have the opportunity to store a measure of good feeling and hope and bonding that helps to carry them through the bad times - I think is no small contribution.
-Paul Newman