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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“In keeping with Camp’s Core Values, Hole in the Wall fosters a community of purposeful inclusion through a commitment to diversity and equity.”

Our Founder Paul Newman's dream was to create fun Camp experiences where children marginalized and isolated because of serious illnesses could feel the healing embrace of acceptance and a sense of belonging while being surrounded by those who understand their unique challenges. Over the years, Hole in the Wall has intentionally created inclusive programming and spaces for the children and families the Camp serves while also fostering a kind, caring community where everyone feels safe, respected and loved.

How we're taking action

In 2017, consultants conducted an organization-wide audit that provided recommendations on how The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp could be more diverse, equitable and inclusive. This led to the creation of a cultural responsiveness plan and workgroup along with several other initiatives providing an ongoing feedback loop and sustained staff focus on this priority.

In 2020, Hole in the Wall engaged Urban Trauma in New Haven, Conn. to conduct additional staff trainings and facilitate listening sessions to inform a future-minded strategic plan to help guide a sustainable organizational commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

As part of this ongoing commitment, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is working to:

  • Deepen our cultural understanding of program participants
  • Develop more culturally responsive programming
  • Implement additional internal and external feedback loops
  • Reduce barriers to participation in programming

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is wholeheartedly committed to learning and evolving while recognizing that this essential work is an enduring labor of love that needs to be carefully interwoven into every aspect of organizational life. We are grateful for our Founder’s vision putting us on this purposeful path, and for our Camp community always inspiring us to do more.