The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Our Financials

The Hole in the Wall Gang Fund’s cost of funds raised based on IRS Form 990 for fiscal year 2017 was 17 cents on the dollar, well exceeding the standards established by organizations that monitor the work of charities. We remain grateful to our donors and committed to showing the utmost respect for every dollar raised by ensuring the greatest possible impact on children and their families.

Unrestricted support of $11.2 million funded fiscal year 2017 operations. An additional $1.3 million was received from capital contributions and estate gifts. Gifts from individuals comprised 43.1 percent of operating contributions while corporate and foundation gifts amounted to 33.2 percent and 8.0 percent, respectively. Community event donations contributed 14.5 percent while in kind donations contributed the remaining 1.2 percent.

Fiscal year 2017 unrestricted expenses totaled $13.3 million. Expenses for Camp programs represented 77.7 percent of total expenses. Included in these expenses, Camp activities, including both the summer and fall-through-spring months, amounted to 53.7 percent, the Hospital Outreach Program comprised 21.9 percent and support to other SeriousFun camps was 2.1 percent. Development costs represented 15.7 percent of total expenses, and general and administrative costs accounted for the remaining 6.6 percent of expenses.