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Seasonal Summer Staff

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Requirements for all seasonal staff positions 

  • 18 years old by May 1, 2024
  • Physically and mentally able to facilitate care of Campers
  • Be familiar with and enforce all safety, emergency and Camp policies
  • Serve as a role model and provide support to Camp volunteers
  • The ability to work with a diverse community in a multicultural environment
  • Commitment to fostering a community that celebrates inclusivity and our Camp values, which include friendship, inclusion, gratitude, possibility and safety
  • Be flexible with the changing needs of the program
  • Perform other duties as deemed necessary by Camp leadership
  • All positions are residential and are hired for the duration of our summer program. The time commitment is early June to late August and begins with an 8-day orientation

Available Positions

Counselors and Unit Leaders

Cabin Counselors

Responsible for the daily care and safety of 7 - 9 campers, to model and facilitate positive appropriate behavior and Camp activities. Cabin Counselors live in a cabin with campers and three other counselors, and help to create a safe, happy and memorable experience for all.

Read the Cabin Counselor job description

Lead Counselors

Lead Counselors are responsible for all roles and responsibilities of a Cabin Counselor, including the responsibility for the daily care and safety of 7-9 campers, while living and working in a shared cabin alongside other staff and volunteers. In addition, the Lead Counselor will work closely with their Unit Leader and Residential Life staff to support unit staff, campers and the operations of the unit as a whole.

Read the Lead Counselor job description

Unit Leaders

Unit Leaders are responsible for overseeing the logistics and daily operations of one unit of campers and staff. The Unit Leader is a floating position that supports all cabins in their unit and is expected to function as a leader and role model for all staff, volunteers and campers. This position works closely with a Lead Counselor and the Residential Life team to plan and facilitate unit-wide events and support camper and staff needs that may arise.

Read the Unit Leader job description

Program Counselors

Responsible for planning, implementing and facilitating intentional, adaptable and outcome-based programming for children of all abilities, ages 7 - 15. In addition to working alongside seasonal staff and volunteers in the cabins, Program Counselors help create and foster an inclusive and safe environment in their program area that promotes fun and engaging activities. 

Read the Program Counselor job description

Read the Program Floater job description

Read the Photo/Video Counselor job description

Program Areas

  • Adventure**
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Boating & Fishing*
  • Cooking Zone
  • Ex-Pro**
  • Horse Barn**
  • Music
  • Photo/Video
  • Pool*
  • Sports & Rec/Archery**
  • Theater
  • Woodworking**

* Requires applicable aquatics certification obtained before Camp session
**In-house certification required

Support Roles

Serve as a leader/role model for our Camp community. Must have strong organizational and communication skills and able to work independently and as part of/lead a team. Support roles will work closely with other departments and may need to lead staff/volunteers and/or campers in activities or staff sessions. Flexibility is paramount in these positions as tasks may be assigned that fall outside of specific job responsibilities. 

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Journey Program

Journey Programs include both Hero's Journey® and Champion’s Journey programs. Both are designed for 16 - 18 year olds who have aged into the AYA program or are new to Camp entirely. The staff will work closely with each other, nurses, volunteers and groups of 12-20 participants, while facilitating various programmatic elements throughout the summer. Each staff member is responsible for providing an opportunity for participants to challenge their perceived personal limits and experience camaraderie, self-discovery and appreciation.

Hero's Journey Program

Hero’s Journey is located at our basecamp location in the Connecticut woods. Participants learn important outdoor skills including fire starting, cooking and backpacking while also learning Wilderness First Aid and Search and Rescue skills. Participants experience their own unique Hero’s Journey while learning about themselves and fellow participants to see themselves as the "hero of their own story" by the end of the week.

Champion's Journey Program

The Champion’s Journey Program is located at Camp in our Young Adult Lodge. By utilizing the Camp setting, participants experience team building and leadership exercises designed to discover the "champion within." Participant experiences are facilitated through the metaphor of the star life cycle while mastering two Camp program areas to build confidence, resiliency and to become a true Camp Champion.

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Infirmary Team

Each member of the summer infirmary staff works together as part of a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, doctors, dietary specialists and medical volunteers, as well as program and residential life staff, to provide excellent care to our special campers. The infirmary team ensures a safe and fun camp experience for all campers, providing holistic and camper-centered care, tailored to each camper's needs.

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Apply Online

To apply, please click "not a member" on the application page to create an account, then follow the prompts as to new or returning staff.