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We are a community that includes the kids and families we serve, the volunteers and staff who help us make a difference, the partners and donors who support our mission, and the alumni who keep our community strong. Together, we make “a different kind of healing” possible!

“I go to the hospital pretty much every week, which is where I met Jimmy from HOP. Jimmy made me smile from ear to ear. [HOP activities] take my mind off all of the medical stuff and distracts me from feeling crummy.”
– HOP Camper Teddy

We are kids

We are not defined by our illnesses, and we certainly don’t let them slow us down. We are kids like every other – looking for fun, friendship and the chance to “raise a little hell.” We find that through a variety of Hole in the Wall programs at Camp and beyond.

Outreach Programs

“Camp helped me see that even though you have diseases and things that are not perfect about you, you’re still welcome in the world.”
– Camper Tyler

We are campers

We are artists, swimmers, horseback riders, song-singers and bushy-tail-shakers. We love to laugh and create a little mischief with our new friends, while finding out together that we are capable of so much more than we ever imagined.

Camp  A Day at Camp

“Camp is not just a place... We each carry Camp inside of us as we work through the travails of our lives, a warm, comforting embrace that is there for us whenever we need it.”
– Richard & Lily,
camper parents

We are families

Our day-to-day lives aren’t the same as other families’. Sometimes we don’t know what to expect from one day to the next, but one thing we can always count on is the support, acceptance and friendship of our Camp community. Camp programs haven’t just changed our child’s life – they’ve changed all of us.


“Nowhere else in my professional or personal life have I experienced such a pervasive culture of bringing real and tangible joy to others.
– Erika Zapatka,

We are volunteers

Our passion for Camp inspires us to lend our hearts and hands to the programs, events and magic behind the scenes. We are young, old and everything in between, united by our love for Camp.

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“Being at Camp and seeing the facilities, cabins, dining hall and medical facilities had a big impact. I was so impressed and knew my money was going to the right place.
– Joanna Farber,

We are people who help

We are donors

We are inspired by the brave children and families Camp serves as well as Paul Newman’s vision of giving back to those who may not have shared the luck he found in his own life. We feel blessed to be part of a community filled with love and friendship.

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“Being even a small part of giving these children and their families the Camp experience is a thrill that never gets old.
– Alan Gousie,

We are fundraisers and friend-raisers

We are runners, party planners and lemonade stand entrepreneurs who help support Camp’s growing programs. We organize, support and participate in fundraiser events that help make a difference in the lives of campers and their families and are grateful to be a part of Camp’s mission.

Join an event  create an event

“Our employees take a very hands-on approach with assisting our community partners, and it is a unique privilege to impact the Camp in this special way.
– Corporate Partner

We are partners

Partnering with the Camp has brought something special to our idea of “business as usual.” This is more than supporting a local nonprofit – it’s giving back that has an immediate impact, and our involvement lets us see that first-hand. It’s something the whole company feels good about.

Become a partner

“Each year, hundreds of staff & volunteers pour their hearts into our children and families... each year, we hear that they get so much more in return. As Mr. Newman said, “it‘s pretty potent stuff.”
– Padraig Barry,
Chief Strategy Officer

We are people who care

We are staff

We all found Camp in our own way – some of us have been here since day one, others are former campers and still others are new to Camp – but we share one thing in common: We are dedicated to ensuring the vibrancy of our Founder's dream of providing a Camp experience for seriously ill children and their families, at Camp, in hospitals and in the community.

Key Staff Employment Opportunities

“Every child’s safety is our priority. Our team provides specialized care so the kids at Hole in the Wall can experience the joys of childhood and the healing power of Camp.
– Emily Ring, RN
Director of Nursing

We are doctors & nurses

We’ve dedicated our lives to healing people – but we’ve never seen healing quite like this before. We bring our medical expertise but trade our scrubs in for t-shirts while providing the care that makes Camp possible, along with a healthy dose of fun and laughter.

Medical Staff  Volunteer

Board of Directors
“Serving on the Camp's Board and seeing the healing power of its mission firsthand, you realize that there are few comparable honors than being of service to such brave children and inspirational families. ”
– Ray Lamontagne,
Board Chair
Board of Directors

We are the Board

In the very beginning, Paul Newman assembled a dream team of founding directors whose hearts and hands helped to shape "a different kind of healing." Today, some of those passionate men and women still serve on the Camp's Board of Directors and have been joined by a committed group of leaders who continue to compassionately carry the torch that Newman left in our care.

Meet the Board

Our story is simple: We’re a community dedicated to ensuring that every child and family facing a serious medical condition gets to experience the unique healing power of Camp – we invite you to join the gang and see for yourself!

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