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Hospital Outreach Program

The Hospital Outreach Program (HOP) allows us to bring the joy and fun of Camp beyond the Camp grounds to children and families in a hospital setting.

From arts & crafts to interactive games, HOP activities are inspired by our summer Camp program but are specially adapted to each unique hospital and clinic setting. And just like at Camp, all interactions are child-driven, restoring choice – something children undergoing medical treatment so often lack.

Ready for CampWeek!
Ready for CampWeek!
Super Hero Strength
Super Hero Strength
It's Slime Time!
It's Slime Time!

HOP Overview

Through one-on-one interactions and group activities, HOP brings Camp's unique summer programming and spirit to hospitals and clinics. Whether working bedside, in playrooms or outpatient clinic settings, our interactions and activities with children and families include arts & crafts projects, and interactive games specifically adapted for use in the medical setting, as well as other Camp-inspired programming and events. Just like at Camp, all interactions are guided by the child's choice and are child-driven.

Hospital Outreach Partner locations map

Hospital Outreach Partner Locations

Our Hospital Outreach Program can be found in partner locations across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Talk to your child life specialist for more information on regularly scheduled sessions in playrooms or one-on-one visits.

HOP Story

I just want to thank Hole in the Wall for giving me a shot at a normal childhood. Sitting back 10 years later in a hospital bed making a pumpkin with an old camp counselor just reminds me of how Hole in the Wall helped me to lift my spirits. From all the amazing activities to the loving, kind-hearted counselors, Hole in the Wall is truly a great experience and if I could go back and do it all over again, I would, because just sitting here sharing stories with Chris and laughing makes me forget about all the pain I'm in. You guys do it for free, so I know it comes from the heart. Once again, thank you.

-HOP Participant Imani

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