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How can I arrange to have a HOP visit my child?

Our specialists have rotating schedules, so they may not always be in the same location at the same time each week. So, the best way to set up a one-on-one visit or learn about regularly scheduled playroom events is to talk to your child life specialist.

What locations does HOP serve?

HOP is in four regions across the Northeast – Boston, Central New England, New York/New Jersey and Philadelphia. Click here for a full list of locations in each region »

Are the HOP specialists on staff at Camp or are they volunteers?

Our specially-trained Hospital Outreach specialists are full-time employees of Camp. They come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share a commitment to sharing Camp magic and joy with children in a clinical setting.

What special training to HOP specialists have?

Our HOP Specialists have a bachelor’s degree, excellent kid skills, experience developing fun and exciting programming and knowledge of hospitals systems. They attend both a HOP and Hospital Orientation and receive regular opportunities for professional development.

Do the HOP specialists actually work at the summer camp? Will our specialist be there if my child goes?

Our HOP specialists do not work at the summer program (otherwise, who would be bringing Camp to the hospitals all summer long!). However, most of our specialists do volunteer at the Camp for a week each summer, so your child might see them.