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Employee Workgroups

DEI Discussions Planning Committee

The DEI Discussions Planning Committee hosts discussion forums for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp staff that focus on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe it is important for us to have deeper intentional discussions about how to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within our Camp staff in order to brainstorm new and important ways to make staff, of all backgrounds, feel safe and supported as employees of Hole in the Wall. The DEI Discussions Planning Committee is open to all Camp staff members and operates on a three-meeting flow for each topic: an intro planning meeting, an open forum, and a debrief meeting.

HR Workgroup

The purpose of this committee is to consider the policies, guidelines, and working conditions within which full-time staff at The Hole in the Wall Gang operate and to generate proposals for the refinement of that which is existing and/or the creation of that which is not. The committee will make efforts to solicit and encourage questions and suggestions from those whom they represent and will serve as an advocate for the acknowledgement and response to the concerns and priorities that exist.

Employee Affinity Groups:

BIPOC Affinity Group and Pride Time. The mission of these groups is to create spaces for staff within The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC) or as LGBTQIA+ to support and uplift one another. We aim for these spaces to be anchored in Camp’s Core Values, where members can feel safe to participate in sharing experiences, concerns and opinions as their most authentic selves. These groups are being founded on the principle that as a staff member that identifies as BIPOC or LGBTQIA+, navigating the Camp space can sometimes feel isolating. Consequently, it is through these groups that we aim to alleviate some of that isolation. These groups strive to allow for the opportunity of camaraderie through mentorships and guidance from staff members who have similar lived experiences. We hope that through monthly meetings, these groups will fundamentally foster a safe environment for expression and authenticity.