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Journey Year

Journey Year

Adolescents aged 16 – 17 choose their own journeys towards adulthood with two distinct programs that provide opportunities for growth and self-discovery. In the Hero’s Journey® program, participants spend a week in the woods of Connecticut learning self-reliance, positive communication and teamwork through a variety of exciting challenges and wilderness first aid training. With a homebase in the Young Adult Lodge, Champion’s Journey helps participants gain similar skills using the Camp environment. Participants from both programs will come together following the summer for a nine-month virtual program – Journey On – which will build upon their experiences from their in-person programming and solidify skills that will prepare them to embrace the full promise of their futures.

Hero’s Journey Champion’s Journey

Journey Year 

Camper Story

I was, and still am, blown away by the amount of information I was able to learn and retain about wilderness search and rescue and backpacking, and also how much I learned about myself during those days I spent in the woods. I do not think I could ever properly thank you or repay you all for what you have taught me, and the peace that the experience brought to me.

Did you know?

 The Hero’s Journey and Champion’s Journey programs provide similar growth opportunities but in different settings

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