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Welcome to the Infirmary!

Step inside and see the beautiful murals painted by Camp’s own, Momma Talley. You’d never guess you’re in the heart of a sophisticated medical operation, but the Infirmary provides the unobtrusive medical care our campers require. Can you find Mr. Newman on his bike? Ruby red slippers? Dancing bears?

Camp Myth #6: Camp only serves children who are terminally ill.

Camp Fact: While it is true that our campers have been diagnosed with serious illnesses, success rates for many of those illnesses, including some childhood cancers, have improved in recent years. Most of our campers not only survive their illness; they come back to Camp as counselors, volunteers and medical staff to make the magic happen for a whole new generation of children. Camp offers memories and lessons to strengthen campers’ resolve for a life always challenged by their illness. Camp also serves some children with chronic illnesses that may inflict pain and cause multi-year hospitalizations yet not be imminently terminal.