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Welcome to the Dining Hall!

It’s really simple. You walk in through the “in door” and leave by way of the “out door.” Got it? Failure to follow this simple rule will result in you having to shake your bushy tail on the Dining Hall dance floor for all of Camp to see. We have also bounced and danced our way across three different Dining Hall floors and raised countless banners up the Dining Hall walls. If this building could speak, it would tell stories of a joyful community that celebrates each meal with a song and a dance!

Dining Hall
Camp Myth #9: Camp receives all of its funding from Newman’s Own.

Camp Fact: Each year, about 1% of the funding needed to run the Camp comes from Newman’s Own. Newman’s Own provided a significant portion of funds to start the Camp back in 1988, but our founder wisely wanted us to stand on our own feet and secure the necessary funds to meet Camp’s operating needs.