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The Blog Cabin

Welcome to The Blog Cabin. Here, you will find musings from Camp's CEO, Jimmy Canton, and other members of our leadership team and Camp friends. We hope you'll pull up a chair and share your thoughts too. We're excited for you to join the conversation!

A "Hole" Lot of Growth

“The need is great and so are the opportunities to make a difference one smile at a time”.   

Jimmy playing pool

At a recent staff retreat I began our meeting with this quote from Camp’s Founder. It goes to the heart of what we are about and is a critical reminder when we discuss growth and increasing service. 

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Senior Reflections

Zak during his early years at Camp

I’m Zak, and I was born with severe hemophilia A. I have spent all my life learning to combat the possibility of bleeding internally into any muscle, joint or organ. Every morning I infuse artificial clotting factor into my veins to supplement the protein I am missing. While it is true that with my medicine I typically avoid serious internal injury, I have faced many scenarios where I was not wanted because of my disorder. When I was a baby, I was rejected from daycare because I would be “too much of a worry.” When I was in elementary school, my science camp application was turned down because I would be “too much work to look after.” When applying to high schools, my principle had serious concerns and strictly advised me against attending a school that operates with power tools and some heavy machinery. (I decided to go anyway).

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