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Camper Family Blogs

Happy, Happy Eyes

“Sad eyes, Sad eyes...everywhere you go, people’s sad eyes looking at me. That’s why I love Camp. Happy, happy eyes! Oh and I caught and kissed a fish.” - Sophie, in treatment for Leukemia, as we drove away from our first Family Weekend at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

When we first drove through The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp gate for a spring Family Weekend, I almost burst into tears. It was emotional coming to terms with the idea that we were a family with a child with cancer and that we were visiting a camp for children facing serious illnesses.

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by Camper Mom Julia  |    |  Comments 

You've Got a Friend in Me

My Camp story began thirteen years ago in 2006, when my family attended a Family Weekend after my brother Austin was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After that first weekend I was hooked. I attended sibling sessions, was a Hero’s Journey participant, and participated in the LIT 1 & LIT 2 programs. When I was a camper, my counselors were my biggest role models and the people I looked up to. I was somewhat of a shy kid, and aspired to one day work at Camp, like them, and be that person for kids like my brother and me.

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by Cayla Sanetrik  |    |  Comments