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You've Got a Friend in Me

My Camp story began thirteen years ago in 2006, when my family attended a Family Weekend after my brother Austin was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After that first weekend I was hooked. I attended sibling sessions, was a Hero’s Journey participant, and participated in the LIT 1 & LIT 2 programs. When I was a camper, my counselors were my biggest role models and the people I looked up to. I was somewhat of a shy kid, and aspired to one day work at Camp, like them, and be that person for kids like my brother and me.

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Thirty Years at Camp

Camper Korreen

I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in September of 1986. After attending the first three days of 8th grade, I was taken to the hospital, and my life changed forever. I was given less than a 30% chance of surviving.  After four months of chemotherapy, I had a bone marrow transplant and spent 10 long weeks in a sterilized isolation room where I sat in bed all day long. I spent the rest of the spring and summer recuperating at home, and I had to stay isolated so my immune system could rebuild. When I returned to school as a freshman in the fall, I had lost a year of my life. 

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