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An Epic Adventure

Meredith and Genevieve
Meredith and Genevieve at Camp's Gala

On June 22, 2016, my daughter Genevieve was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She had turned double-digits in May and had just finished a great fourth grade year. She was eagerly anticipating the start of summer vacation. I, too, her mom and a kindergarten teacher, was ready for school to end and to have the most epic summer vacation ever. We had planned to start our summer with a trip to Florida to play on the beach, find manatees and nosh on local delicacies. Instead, our vacay turned into a more epic adventure than ever.

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Senior Reflections

Zak during his early years at Camp

I’m Zak, and I was born with severe hemophilia A. I have spent all my life learning to combat the possibility of bleeding internally into any muscle, joint or organ. Every morning I infuse artificial clotting factor into my veins to supplement the protein I am missing. While it is true that with my medicine I typically avoid serious internal injury, I have faced many scenarios where I was not wanted because of my disorder. When I was a baby, I was rejected from daycare because I would be “too much of a worry.” When I was in elementary school, my science camp application was turned down because I would be “too much work to look after.” When applying to high schools, my principle had serious concerns and strictly advised me against attending a school that operates with power tools and some heavy machinery. (I decided to go anyway).

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