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What are FUNraisers?

FUNraisers are a community of generous and compassionate individuals teaming up to provide “a different kind of healing” to children and families who are coping with serious illness. No matter how you want to fundraise for Camp, there are plenty of opportunities to be a Hole in the Wall FUNraiser. If you’re runner, party planner or lemonade stand entrepreneur, you can help support Camp’s growing programs. So what are you waiting for? Raise some hell, raise some money and have lots of fun!

How do I become a FUNraiser

Participate in one of our premier athletic events or in an event created by one of our Camp friends. Or you can create your own event and set up an online fundraising page. 

What type of events are offered?

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp hosts or offers entries in a number of annual, athletic events each year. To view the full list of the running, cycling and relay events we offer, please click here.

You can also turn any event into a fundraiser for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp by setting up an online fundraising page.

If I am not participating in an event, can I still be involved with FUNraisers?

Yes! We are always looking for volunteers to assist with event-day logistics, promoting Camp in your area, recruiting participants and other tasks. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Jaylynn Foreman, Development Associate.

Who acknowledges the donations of my supporters?

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp will send receipts for all donations. Online donations made through your fundraising page will be acknowledged with a receipt via e-mail. Offline donations (e.g., checks) should be collected by the participant and mailed to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, ATTN: FUNraisers, 555 Long Wharf Drive, New Haven, CT 06511. The donors will receive acknowledgements after the checks have been processed.

How do I raise money?

It’s easy and fun to raise money for a good cause. Start by personalizing your personal fundraising page with pictures, video and your story. Spread the word via email and social media and tell everyone why you are supporting The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. A few friendly reminders to your contacts will most likely be necessary, and don’t forget to ask your company about its matching gift program.

The FUNraiser support staff is also here to support you with fundraising tips and ideas. We will put you on the path to success and help you have fun while helping us serve more children and families coping with serious illness than ever before.