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Creative Complex Mosaic

About the Artist

Mia Schon is a mosaic muralist who splits her time between Boston and Tel Aviv. She is a former Hole in the Wall Hospital Outreach Specialist and summer staff member who got her start working in the woodshop in 2006. 

With a strong affinity for public art, Mia has made it her mission to spread large colorful mosaics internationally while incorporating social, cultural, and joyful themes into her work.

A Statement from Artist Mia Schon

The art form of mosaics, which creates beauty from the broken, offers not only a symbol of healing, but the ability to create renewed wholeness in this inspiring space. The “Camp is Magic" mosaic mural is a celebration of the new Creative Complex. With more than 4,000 pieces in it, this mosaic acknowledges the impact of every donor and the collective power of this Camp community.

This artwork aims to capture a very specific Camp moment in the evening when the stars in the sky are coming out and we reflect on the magic of Camp and all the unforgettable moments that happened throughout the day. It combines all five unit colors, whimsical handmade ceramics by Susan Gerr, and many hidden surprises — look closely!

Special thanks to Alison Tourtellotte and the countless wonderful friends, Hole in the Wall staff, and helpers who assisted me in installing this mosaic.