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Host Your Own: Kids for Camp Event

The opportunities are endless to collaborate with friends and create an event to support The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Whether you want to host a bike-a-thon or invite friends over for a movie night, there are so many ways to get involved, and share the magic of Hole in the Wall with your caring community.

Here are some easy steps to get started:

  • Register Your Event
    We love knowing how people are getting involved and supporting our beautiful campers and their families. Be sure to register your event so we can further support your hard work and creativity.
  • Define the Cause
    Share Camp’s mission but also share what you are doing to help and why: “I’m hosting a stage night this May to support Camp because I believe everyone should experience the fun, friendship and joy of childhood.”
  • Create a Committee
    You’ll need help to organize all the details – ask your friends, classmates, parents, teachers, etc. if they’ll be part of your event committee. Not only will this help you to divide and conquer tasks, but it will also help you to promote your event by getting more people’s networks involved.
  • Set the Date and Time
    Check your committee members’ availability and conflicts with other local or school events.
  • Know Your Budget
    Make a robust list of all your potential costs, look at what you expect to raise and how, and understand what your net donation will be (net donation = funds raised – expenses). Look for donations and sponsorships to help bring down costs.
  • Understand Your Network and Community
    What do your friends and family like to do? Will your community be more likely to come out to an event at your local school, a 5K run, a bowling alley, a game night, a bike-a-thon, etc.?
  • Choose the Venue
    Pick a place that is fun, fits your capacity requirements and is willing to work with you on pricing and promotion. Is there room at your school to host an event?
  • Promote
    Send out a save-the-date, put up flyers around town, contact your local newspapers, send out emails and promote the event on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Make the Event Educational
    People love to party for a purpose. Put up Camp pictures at your event, share Camp stories, show a Camp video and give a brief speech to the crowd to share the who, what and why. Explain your fundraising goals, how they can help and thank everyone for attending.
  • Say Thanks
    The event may be over, but there’s one last thing to do! Within the week following your event be sure to thank everyone involved. From committee members to guests, everyone played a part in making your event a success. Share how much you raised, and thank them for their support.
  • Reflect
    After all the fun is wrapped up, and guests have long gone home, take a moment to review the event process. What went well? What would you change for next time? Now pat yourself on the back, you’re awesome!

Have fun!

Check out our Welcome Kit for more great tools!

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Peer to Peer Manager – Community Events
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