The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Development/ Communications

Ryan Thompson »

Chief Development and Communications Officer

Anna Grace Barry »

Development Associate

Linda Cassidy »

Director, Systems Support

Kate Dombrowski »

Development Associate, Systems Support

Neal Edelson »

Senior Development Officer

Justin Farrands »

Peer-to-Peer Coordinator

Maureen Farrington »

Senior Development Officer

Matt Fletcher »

Multimedia Producer

Deb Fraser »

Director, Foundation and Planned Giving

Maria Angelita Gomez »

Director, Annual Giving and Donor Relations

Andrea Keefe »

Director, Community and Corporate Partnerships

Megan Miguez »

Associate Director, Special Events

Courtney Pandolfi »

Development Assistant, Special Events

Christopher Pates »

Senior Director, Development

Mary Sackett »

Development Associate, Systems Support

Beth Starkin »

Director, Communications

Jennifer Weeks »

Director, Special Events