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Volunteer Waiver

The below agreement once agreed to will be in effect for all Volunteer’s involvement with the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in perpetuity.

CONSENT FOR MEDIA RELEASE: I give my permission and approve the use of my image, name, biographical information, quotes or excerpts of my written or verbally expressed words, video or audio recordings, and/or other likeness of myself (hereinafter, “my likeness”) to be used by The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp as part of its fundraising efforts, advertising, publicity, promotion and any other use. I understand and agree that my likeness may appear in any media now known or hereafter invented, including but not limited to print materials, video, online presentations or other media. I hereby waive any right to inspect and approve of the uses to which it may be applied. Nothing herein will constitute any obligation on The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp to use any of the above rights.

This permission/authorization, including all of its subparts, will remain effective until revoked in writing.

NATURE OF SERVICE: Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that the services he/she provides are voluntarily donated to the Camp, and that Volunteer is not entitled to nor expects any payment, compensation, wages or benefits for his/her donated services. Volunteer further acknowledges and agrees that the services performed hereunder do not render the Volunteer an employee of the Camp.

INDEMNIFICATION OF THE CAMP: Volunteer understands and acknowledges that the Camp will not be responsible for any loss or liability arising from any claim by any third party alleging neglect or wrong doing by the Volunteer; or, for any loss or expense incurred by the Camp or by the Volunteer as a result of any violation of federal or state law by the Volunteer; or, for any loss or expense incurred by the Camp as a result of reckless or malicious behavior by the Volunteer. Volunteer will make appropriate financial restitution to the Camp for any such loss or expense. Volunteer further releases and waives any and all liability against the Camp, its directors, officers, employees and agents, for any injuries or illness that Volunteer may suffer in connection with any volunteer work for the Camp. Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that Camp is not liable for any damage to Volunteer’s property resulting from volunteer work for the Camp. Volunteer agrees that this release is as broad and inclusive as permitted by applicable state law.

CHILD ABUSE: Volunteer agrees to abide by the Camp policies regarding child and sexual abuse per volunteer orientation. By signing this agreement, Volunteer expressly represents that he/she has no previous convictions for child or sexual abuse and that no allegations regarding such abuses have ever been made against Volunteer. Volunteer is considered a mandated reporter (as defined per Camp’s policies). Therefore, any and all suspected abuse, mistreatment, or neglect of a child whether this abuse has taken place at Camp or elsewhere must be reported to the Volunteer’s direct supervisor immediately.

THE USE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, ILLEGAL DRUGS: The Camp has a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and illegal drugs. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not permitted at any Camp program at any time. Volunteer understands and acknowledges that he/she will be immediately terminated from the volunteer assignment and may be escorted out of a Camp program if Volunteer consumes/uses alcohol/illegal drugs while performing services for the Camp, or is determined to be under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs, including the effects of alcohol/illegal drugs consumed/used prior to performing services for the Camp.

SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Camp or during a Camp program. Accordingly, Volunteer agrees to refrain from smoking on Camp premises or while performing any services for the Camp.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Volunteer will be exposed to information that is confidential in nature. Confidential information includes, without limitation, all information concerning current, former and future campers and their families, Camp staff, donors, medical information, medical records, financial data, and business records of the Camp. It is the policy of the Camp that such information must be kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any third party (expect as necessary to perform authorized services for the Camp) both during and after the period in which Volunteer provides services to the Camp. Volunteer must return materials containing confidential information whenever requested by the Camp and automatically when Volunteer ceases to perform services for the Camp.

VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: By signing this agreement, I swear and affirm that I have not been convicted, plead guilty, plead no contest, or have had adjudication withheld on any serious misdemeanor or felony charge, nor do I have any charges pending against me, since CAMP has secured the results of my most current criminal record check.

INFORMATION SHARING: I authorize and consent to having The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp contact anyone that it deems appropriate to investigate or verify any information I have given or to discuss my background, past performance, or suitability for a position with the camp. I specifically authorize The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp to share any information and the results of any background check with other organizations and agencies with whom the The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp works to ensure the safety of all campers. This includes, but is not limited to, SeriousFun Children's Network, any Member Camps affiliated with SeriousFun Children's Network and any other similar organizations in the future. This authorization is a waiver of all of my rights to bring any action for defamation, invasion of privacy, violation of any state or federal personnel file or privacy statute, or any other cause of action against The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp SeriousFun Children's Network, or any employee or agent of The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp or SeriousFun Children's Network.

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that it is his/her responsibility for knowing and adhering to the applicable policies and procedures per volunteer orientation and the scope of the services Volunteer is performing for the Camp.