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Discover “a Different Kind of Healing

One Smile at a Time

Since 1988, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp has been a haven where children with serious illnesses and their families find joy, hope and friendship. Through year-round programming, Camp brings our community together to witness the healing found in play and connection. 

Across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, we’re rallying friends old and new to find their inner child and share the joy and laughter with those who need it most. Join the Gang and be a part of a hole lot of healing.   

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Confidence to grow

At the end of the week, I realized I was in fact capable of doing everything I set out to do. The activities helped me see myself in a positive light. Since Hero’s, I am more confident, more empathetic, more intuitive and more capable.

All the experiences I’ve had at Hole in the Wall have shaped me into who I am today. That’s absolutely incredible - that I can credit one place for being the source of my happiness and strength, and that I can take it all with me every day.

Hero's Journey® Camper

Magic of Connection

My family and I had our first experience with Camp in June 2016. Those four days and nights changed all our lives forever. Family Weekend is such a special time to get away from the “real world” and have fun together with others who understand a medically fragile life.

People talk about the ‘magic of Camp’ — it is real. There is no way to put it into words, it’s something that can only be felt.

Sherry, Camper Parent & Volunteer

A Short Time Creates Lifelong Connections

It’s unbelievable how much we all miss it and especially each other. The bonds we’ve created, they will truly be everlasting. THANK GOD FOR A PLACE LIKE CAMP! And of course, Paul too and everybody else that has made such a place possible. Honest! When I wake up with ‘Stars in the Sky’ stuck in my head, I know it’s going to be a good day – how could it not?!

Camper Addie

Together, We All Grow and Heal

I feel immensely grateful to be part of such a great endeavor. Camp provides innumerable benefits for the children – it is the chance to temporarily escape a medical facility. I saw the campers grow and mature over the week; in hindsight, I did too…

Summer Camp Volunteer Jessica

The Healing Found in Play

Each [Camp] staff I have met has provided unique and heartfelt stories. From having someone who is coming to do something with the child instead of to them, to allowing the child a chance to be a kid for a little while. For some of our kids who are in for long periods of time, it is a positive break from isolation – without any baggage of being evaluated or judged.

Hospital Partner Staff
  • Timeless On-Site Summer Camp

    In the woods of Connecticut lies a hideout for children with serious illnesses to express themselves and find joy with traditional camp activities.

  • Going Where the Gang is Needed

    Family Outreach is found across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic bringing healing connection to the “hole” family with home visits and regional events.

    Discover and Connect
  • Joyful Healing in the Hospital

    From Massachusetts to Virginia, Camp partners with hospitals to bring healing smiles and activities bedside, and to playrooms and clinics.

    See the healing
  • Lifelong Connections for Young Adults

    Opportunities for growth and self-discovery await in programming designed to encourage and prepare adolescents and young adults for whatever the future holds.

    Journey Years
  • Support in Times of Loss

    Families who have lost a child to serious illness find connection and healing in a community of others who understand the experiences of loss.

    Bereavement Program

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