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Best Charities for Kids

Founded by actor Paul Newman in 1988, this camp in the Connecticut countryside hosts more than 1,000 sick children every summer, and serves approximately 15,000 children a year total through its weekend and hospital outreach programs. More than half of these children come from low-income families. Campers are given the opportunity to perform typical camp activities like swimming, hiking, boating, and fishing — all of which are designed to include every camper regardless of his or her illness (there is even a pool designed specifically for children with sickle cell anemia).

Turn Homemade Snowflakes into a Charity Event

Decorating for the winter can be snow much fun, no matter where you live, as long as you have the right tools. So leave the blowers off and keep the shovel parked; gear up with your scrape paper and scissors and make your own indoor blizzard. Need some help? Never fear! Check out The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for some guidance. You can even step up your efforts by making your fun project a fundraiser for The Hole in the Wall Gang with offers camps for seriously ill children.

Julia Roberts: The Class Act

Once called the Hillary of Hollywood for her trailblazing—Julia Roberts was the first actress to get more than $20 million for a film—Roberts has used that money and clout for good. Since 1997 she’s supported Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang camp for children with grave illnesses. She also campaigns to fund research for Rett Syndrome (a neurodevelopmental disorder that can destroy kids’ ability to walk and speak) and serves on the board of Earth Biofuels, which promotes renewable energy.