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Host Your Own: Stage Night

Each summer, our campers at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp show off their talents at our weekly Stage Night. From jokes to juggling and skits to singing, it is always a magical evening filled with applause and laughter!

You can be part of the magic, too, and share your talents with friends, family, classmates, neighbors and the whole community by hosting your very own Stage Night.

Here’s how:

  • Register Your Event
    We love knowing how people are getting involved and supporting our beautiful campers and their families. Be sure to register your event so we can further support your hard work and creativity.
  • Create a Committee
    You’ll need help to organize all the details – ask your friends, classmates, parents, teachers, etc. if they’ll be part of your event committee and help you plan a Stage Night. Not only will this help you to divide and conquer tasks, but it will also help you to promote your event by getting more people’s networks involved.
  • Know Your Budget
    Make a list of all your potential costs, look at what you expect to raise and how (ticket sales, sponsorships etc.). Understand what your net donation will be (net donation = funds raised – expenses).
  • Find a Location
    You can use a classroom, theater or even your backyard! You’ll want to make sure the space is big enough for your performers’ needs and there is space for your audience to watch the show.
  • Set the Date and Time
    Check your event committee members’ availability to schedule a specific date and time for the show.
  • Talent Search
    Now that you have a date, time and location, you can start casting for the show. Host an audition for individuals interested in performing. If there are performance restrictions (length of performance, type of performance etc.), be sure to include those with the event details before the auditions. Once you’ve seen all the performers, select the ones best for your show, thank everyone for auditioning and inform them individually as to who will be performing.
  • Publicity
    With a great line-up in place you’ll need to start spreading the good news, and filling the audience seats. Remember your budget, and what you expect to make from ticket sales when deciding how much to charge for the show. Write a letter to your local paper or news channel to get the word out about your event. Be sure to share why you’re having the event, when the event is, who will be performing and how they can get tickets.
  • Showtime
    All your hard work is about to pay off! With the performers all set, your committee members in place to work (ticketing, staging, ushers, MC, etc.) and guests arriving, this is a great time to mingle with sponsors and thank everyone for participating. Be present for any last-minute questions and enjoy the show! When welcoming guests before the performance begins, don’t forget to share what makes the night extra magical, and why Camp is important to you.
  • Extras
    Beyond selling tickets, there are other great ways to raise more money during the show. Consider having a raffle or selling refreshments for guests the night of the performance. Create a program book for guests, a nice way to thank individuals involved and provide sponsors with additional publicity.
  • Say Thanks
    The event may be over, but there’s one last thing to do! Within the week following your event be sure to thank everyone involved. From committee members to guests, everyone played a part in making your event a success. Share how much you raised, and thank them for their support.
  • Reflect
    After all the fun is wrapped up, and guests have long gone home, take a moment to review the event process. What went well? What would you change for next time? Now pat yourself on the back, you’re awesome!

Have fun!

Check out our Welcome Kit for more great tools!

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