The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Camper Corner

Welcome to the Camper Corner! Here you will catch up with our past camper performers and the families supporting them every step of the way.

Mallory and Maisy Cyr

Mallory and Maisy sharing a moment with Paul outside the Camp Theater.

During their years at Hole in the Wall, sisters Mallory and Maisy experienced opportunities to find their voices and spotlight their talents, helping to shape and enhance their adult lives.

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by Mallory Cyr and Maisy Cyr  | 

Adam Jed

At Camp, Adam could be just like other kids.

Hole in the Wall provided Adam with a sense of normalcy along with new friends and mentors who would change his life forever.

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by Adam Jed  | 

Brittany Root

Paul and Brittany during one of her many Camp visits.

When Brittany first arrived at Camp more than 20 years ago, it launched a life-long love that has enveloped her entire family.

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by Brittany Root  | 

Dexter Darden

Bandit Blog Image
A young Dexter captivated the audience on the Camp Theater stage back in 2000.

At Camp, Dexter discovered a love of performing that has led to a successful acting career including roles in the Maze Runner trilogy, Joyful Noise, Burden and other films.

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by Dexter Darden  |