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Hero's Journey® Stories & Experiences

Kindness, Trust and Inspiration

As my child said Hero's Journey is a magic place with so much positive mindset, encouragement, kindness, trust and inspiration! He walked away with a healthier, stronger, happier mindset getting ready to contribute back to the community.
Our son absolutely loved his experience. My mom asked him if he made new friends, and he said he has a new family members. I think experiences like the ones he had will help him deal with his illness and with any life challenges. We can not convey in words the sense of gratitude we have for everyone involved with his experience. In the face of a devastating illness we have all been lucky to see the best in people. Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff for bringing so much joy to him and the other campers.
As always my child had an awesome time. He was able to share with me many of his experiences. He spoke to me about his vulnerable fear, and consequently, came home acting somewhat more mature and self- assured. He was very proud of himself for bonding with his peers, sharing the responsibilities of camping in the wilderness, and learning to confront his fears. Thank you forever for unforgettable memories. I am proud to be able to call my son a Hole in the Wall Gang Camp alumni.
The staff are so energetic, thorough, positive and motivated each camper. My child is so thankful that she participated in the program. My child left the program more empowered, inspired and to be a better version of herself.

Hero's Journey Camper Parent